Oh my god this is so old.

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Sometimes I do things

So I’ve been thinking about musical notes and intervals and colours and things.

diatonic and pentatonic “keyboards”

semi-tones and perfect fifths

octaves and perfect fifths

(three screencaps of things I hacked together in open office)
Not sure where I’m going with this, but I kind of like the way these look. They’re mostly directly inspired by the videos like this one and, probably, by most of the same things that inspired someone to make those videos. Like the guy who makes those, I mapped a colour wheel to the circle of fifths, but being a visual artist, I probably have a more obsessive and involved relationship with colours, so I ended up deciding to work with four primaries instead of three, like so:

(and I put this together with GIMP (which I hate using, but hey it’s free))
Science does not seem to be totally sure about how our eyes work, but this was inspired by the opponent process colour theory. Notice that red, blue, green and yellow are all evenly spaced. I’m sure that on some level I like looking at colour this way because it’s different from what I’ve been taught to believe all through art school, but I also think that, on an evolutionary level, it makes sense green ought to be more important than a “secondary” colour.

Paper accordion


A work in progress, I still have to make the buttons and add some screws and detailing. More of an exercise than anything else, I probably made this because even though it is impractical and kind of drives me crazy, I miss sculpture quite a bit.
The whole thing is made of paper and glue, with a bit of pencil. It does compress and expand rather well, but sadly it is not capable of making sound at this time.


numbers and lines

Okay, hello.

So in case you are not yourself currently aware, I also have a livejournal thing (here) which has a lot of things posted to it, but is also somewhat cluttered and dusty. I’ve done the ‘post my whole sketchbook’ thing a couple of times over there, but this time I’d like to try and explain myself a bit better and I’d like to try to show how all the things that I post connect to each other so that we can see how sketches evolve into paintings and drawings and sculptures, or how certain things repeat themselves and change over time.




The rest can be seen on the Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/okaywhat/sets/72157617184065582/